Monday, September 19, 2016

Tips for Storing Small Appliances

Here's my solution for "finding" more space to 
store all my small appliances. Plus, a great tip
on managing those loose dangly cords. 
I'll share that at the end
The top shelf in a kitchen cabinet is where I
 store all my small appliances: 2 waffle irons, 
regular and heart shaped, a George Forman 
small grill, a crepe pan (the kind you dip
 into the batter), a knife sharpener, and 
a sandwich maker.  I like that I can see 
them all and therefore use them. 
Notice the cord problem. 
I'm going to fix that too. 
The stuff was just stacked up there willy-nilly.
I do not do willy-nilly well, so what I decided 
was needed was another shelf.
As you can see I'm obsessed with turntables. 
I found this one at Walmart and it expands
to fit perfectly. Sofie thought that was a 
genius idea. 
 Everything off the top shelf. 
I keep an IKEA 2-step stool in the kitchen. 
It gets me to any shelf. 
 Now my little BIG tip! Here's my immersion 
hand blender. Notice the cord is out of control.
Also notice the tiny butterfly clips. I get those
whoever I buy orchids and naturally I save 
them. And naturally I keep those saved clips
 in one of my tennis cans. 
Well, they came in handy. 
Viola! Yes, just clip the cord onto
itself. it's fast, easy, and holds
the cord in place.
 I have enough of those little clips for all 
the appliances. 
 Secure the cords.
 When I unwind I just keep the clip on the cord
 so it doesn't get lost. Use and just
clip it together again. So easy! 
 If you have little girls, or little doggies, you 
probably have these clips already. I'm sure 
you can buy a bag at a dollar store or Walmart.
 or steal one off your orchid plant. 
 I put everything back in the cabinet, 
and had no dangling messy cords. 
Now I even have extra room. 
They are so much easier to get out and
the chance of getting bonked on the head
has been greatly reduced. 


Monday, September 12, 2016

DIY Twig Frame Wreath for Fall

This fall wreath came together in no time
using things I had on hand. 
First I went into the yard with my garden 
loper and cut a good bunch of branches. 
I laid them out to the size I wanted that 
would fit on my front door's glass. I used
 4 twigs for each side. They don't need to 
 be straight. 
 Bundle them together at the ends with wire.
 Next attach the corners with more wire. 
 I used raffia to cover the wire.
 I left some of the raffia strands long for 
that 'harvest look'. 
 Next I hung a few pinecones from the top.
 I added small screw eyes on the ends of
the pine cones to string in the twine.
I topped it all off with some 
fall ribbon I found in my ribbon jar.  
 I used a large suction hook to attach 
the wreath to my glass door.
 Hang by one of the twigs from the hook
on the from door. 
I think this twig wreath can be a nice base
for other season too. Using decorations 
for Christmas, spring, winter, gives it a 
variety of looks. 



Friday, September 9, 2016

My Easiest DIY Fall Centerpiece

Still a favorite way to add instant Fall 
to my house. 
You'll need 5  minutes and:
1 - a bowl, basket, or crate
2 - a glass hurricane 
3 - a pillar candle
4 - pinecones
I started with my large antique bowl. 
Next I added a glass hurricane in the center. 
I raised the hurricane on a cleaned tuna can 
or sour cream tub. Add a pillar candle. 
 Fill all around the hurricane with pine cones. 
I collect them everywhere I go.
That's it!  Five minutes later it's Welcome Fall. 


Thursday, September 8, 2016

What To Do With A Wine Crate

I've been picking up these wood wine crates 
whenever a store manager is willing to 
give them away. 
Here's one way I use them. Just pile in all
 my silver trays for a rustic/elegant display.
 First I wanted it to look older, so I wiped on
some leftover wood stain. Any stain will do. I
 had a bit saved in a jar in the garage from
some other project. It was just enough.
 Do this outside because it stinks. 
 I stained the inside too.
 I added felt stick-on disks to the  bottom so
that I could put it anywhere without worrying
 about it scratching a table top.
Here it is on the dining room buffet.
It's the thrifted buffet I painted using
my homemade chalk paint formula.
You can see that post HERE.
 Apparently (according to blogland) it's now
OK not to polish your silver. That worked
 for me because I couldn't wait to empty the
silver cabinet in the buffet and fill this crate.
 I know I'll want to polish it all and get it
nice and shiny very soon. I may even poke in
some evergreens and little white lights
for the holidays. (glee!).
 If you can find a wine crate that has your
name on it or is a special memento of an
 event or trip, that would be too fabulous!
I've been looking for a Santa Rita crate
 for some time. 

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

2 Ways to Organize Loyalty Cards

Here's my solution to keep my wallet from
being over-stuffed with reward cards, or
my key fob from looking messy, and I'll
always have them handy.
I reuse one of my free key rings. The ones
 I get as promotional favors or when the car
 is serviced. Well, I save those kinds of small
items in one of my tennis cans

You usually get 2 small rewards cards that
are meant for your key fob along with each
larger card. The small ones already have the
 holes. Use a hole punch to punch a hole in
one end of the larger card. Be careful not
to punch on the magnetic strip or bar code.
This works great for credit cards too. 

I make 2 sets; one for each car. 
I keep them in the car, not in my purse. 
When I go into a store or the library, 
I just grab the small card ring out of the
 center console and return it there when
I get back in my car. That way I always
have it with me and not have to carry
 them all around everywhere. If I have
 dupes, I keep a set at home. It's an easy
 and free solution that takes just a few
minutes.  You'll feel so much more
organized, and that's a great reward.
Another Idea
Easier still is to put them on your
phone. I use an app called CardStar.
It allows me to snap the barcode on
my cards and it automatically loads it
into phone. I can then open the app.
in the store and they can swipe my phone.
Easy Peasy!

It even tells you what stores 
are nearby when you are out. 
I love this app.
I keep all my membership cards on there
too. I don't use this for credit cards. 
Credit cards are punched and put on a 
key ring and tucked into a zip pocket in
my purse. I only keep one credit 
card in my wallet. 


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Monday, August 29, 2016

How To Propagate A Red Coleus Plant

I have a red coleus plant that I've propagated
 over and over again. I use them as fillers for
 my larger containers or in the landscaping.
They also make a nice houseplant and
 are low maintenance.  
To keep the plant healthy and full, I pinch
 back the new shoots or just cut them off 
and plant the cuttings elsewhere. 
If the soil is kept moist I can just stick
 them right into the container or garden.
 I've had good luck with that method,
 but if I want to be sure of a good 
plant for a container I'll propagate
 by letting them root in water first. 
Coleus is one of the easiest plants to 
propagate. The process is simple and 
straightforward, making it a good choice 
for your first attempt. The plant produces 
beautiful foliage in a variety of colors. 
All you need is: a healthy coleus plant,
a jar with water, and potting soil. 
Snip a cutting from an established plant 
that has two leaves and about 2 inches of
 stem. Pinch the top terminal new growth.
Partially fill a jar with water. Put the stem
 into the water, but do not let the water 
touch the leaves. Replenish or change the 
water as needed. A healthy root system 
emerges from the cutting in less than a week. 
Plant the cutting in a pot with potting soil, 
or right into your garden in suitable climates. 
Make sure to keep the soil  of the new
coleus evenly moist. 
I usually cut a bouquet of coleus and fill 
a Ball jar. It looks pretty on my table and 
when the roots sprout I can plant it
and start the process over again. 

I've used the method with basil HERE,
 clerodendrum vine and  HERE.